A downloadable game for Windows

Poly-Sky its a level based on a series of puzzles that you have to complete in order to finish it.

This game was made by Me( Juan Leyte) And Alan Aguas for level design Subject in our school, i hope you enjoy it !

Install instructions

Un-zip the project and open the .exe


Poly-sky 1.0.1.zip 16 MB


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Pretty nice game, I like the cartoonish graphics. ^^

Is it intended that you can glitch throw the roof of the wood house to get the key? + I couldnt do anything on the lighthouse after I got up. There is one switch on the op but it does not do anything when I click "e".

Also, I can't go on the moving platform. It will always either kick me off it or glitch me throw the platform, so that I fall throw it.

Oh and one advice at the end: maybe make the camera a bit higher. It feels like you are controlling a dog or so. Even the stairs are like half as big as the character ^^

Hi, thank you very much for the feedback!

I was not aware of some of that bugs,  you need to activate the power to use the lighthouse switch (completing the battery task) but since the platforms don't work you can't:(

Maybe I'lles fix some of that problems today, thank you :)